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Your gateway to the Dutch Market


Got a great service or product? And you like to expand your market with about 22 million people? We are your gateway to the Dutch Market. Because we take care of your Dutch Marketing, when you’re ready to enter the Dutch Market. We are happy to set up your online marketing communication and make sure you will get noticed!



Dutch Marketing – How does it work?

When you are ready to enter the Dutch Market, just let us know. Then we get started. You won’t need to put a full time marketer on the subject. Just let us do our job. We’re pretty good at it.

First of all, we dig into your market. We provide an overview of your market, the customers and your competition. Now you know where you stand in this market. With this in mind we advise you on any possible (small) adaptions in your service our communication so that your product will fit the Dutch Market. When you’re ready for the next step, we make sure you get noticed by your potential customers. You receive unique content to make sure you appear in online search in Search Engines. Plus, we ensure you stick out of the crowd. In order to so, you get content which is easy to read and makes people eager to buy.

Dutch Marketing – How do we do it?

With our 15-yearlong international business experience we know what makes you stand out of the crowd. We have consulted international business the past 10 years and helped them realize their growth potential. In order to do so, we have used every excising marketing tool. This is what we do and this is what we love doing. We would love to do this for you too!

It only takes 4 steps to Market the Dutch:


1. Extensive information

You provide us with extensive information (and current communication) about your service or product. In this stage, we want all the information you have. We’re not translating here, we’re trying to understand your business, your product, your strategy and your whole existence. We want a full understanding of your business and why you’re in it.

3. Getting noticed

Now you know your stand on the Dutch Market. It is time to get noticed. First of all, with Dutch content for your website. The kind of content people want to read. Content optimized to make you appear in online search results. Furthermore we can create introduction letters, direct marketing, brochures, advertorials or (guests)blogs. We take care of your Dutch Marketing, all according to your own needs and budget.

2. Market information.

You receive an overview of the Dutch Market. We advise you about what’s in it for you, what will make you get noticed and what you will need communicate or adjust to fit the Dutch Market.

4. Evaluate.

We evaluate and if necessary, plan ahead for the next step.

Dutch Marketing – Your Dutch Website

Your website is your greatest marketing tool when entering the Dutch Market (or any market for that matter). Research shows, that 9 out of 10 European people wishes to receive information in their own language. Furthermore, 42% of of the European won’t buy anything on a website that’s not in their own language. For this matter having a Dutch website is inevitable when entering the Dutch market.

Moreover, Dutch people will use Dutch words when using a search engine. Your website will only be presented in the search results when it provides these exact requested words. We know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so we make sure your content is optimized to appear in the results.

Last, a native Dutch website will fit the culture and social preferences of your Dutch audience. When working with us, you’re Dutch content is created by native Dutchies. Therefor we understand the local culture and customs, the market and the people you are aiming at. Your content reaches your audience in an outstanding way.

Dutch Marketing – Are you ready to market the Dutch?

We would love to get to know you. And your business. We have a great passion for business opportunities and we would love to talk to you about yours. Just give us a call. Or send us an email. It’s free, we don’t charge by the hour. When you are ready to enter the Dutch Market, we are ready to talk to you.